Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fifty Memories for Mom - Nos. 16-20

20. Secret fast-food stops on the way home from shopping trips.

19. You were the most kind, caring person in the world when one of your brood was laid up with sickness, recovering from surgery, etc. There’s no cure quite like your saltines, 7-Up, and a damp cloth on the forehead.

18. Trips to the pool during the summer with a trunkload of towels, snacks, drinks and pool toys. I still say the best times took place at Riverside.

17. You have always been a compassionate neighbor. I have never seen a neighborhood that was as friendly as our block on Rutherford Ave., and you played an enormous role in building that unity. Maybe that was common stuff back in the 1950s, but it's not today.

16. You love a good surprise. On one of my surprise visits during college, I climbed the basement stairs to reveal myself. Standing there alone in the kitchen, you looked up at me with the most bizarre, spooked expression, and screamed as if Abe Lincoln himself had just emerged from your basement.


Barb said...

20. Who, me?
18. LOVED pool-ing with you guys. Great way to wear kids out!
17. Thank you. Maybe it was more common "back then." But neighborly-ness can still happen and the blessings are many!
16. I am still laughing over your description ... Abe Lincoln. hahaha!

Still amazed and humbled by these posts.

-d said...

17. She is. Love her!
16. Where is the footage from the hidden camera? I would pay to see that.