Monday, May 10, 2010

Fifty Memories for Mom - Nos. 41-45

45. With the possible exception of Dan's drum set, you always encouraged the four of us to play music in the house. For a while, even you took piano lessons.

44. You always taught us to think for ourselves and to never compare ourselves to others. You had no patience for cries of “Everyone else is doing it!”

43. You always have some home-improvement or painting project going at home or at the cabin. The image that has stuck with me is you painting the guest house wearing the “Tough Old Bird” T-shirt.

42. You made five different types of macaroni and cheese for my taste-test science project in eighth grade. Not to mention the half-dozen Science Fairs you endured.

41. The mythical deer on April Fools’ Day. “There’s a deer in the front yard!” you hollered, and all four kids scrambled to the door. “It just went around to the back!” And we ran circles around the house until you cackled. You were really proud of yourself.

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Barb said...

God must bless mothers with amnesia: I have no recollection of making 5 types of mac and cheese!

Thanks, David!