Monday, May 17, 2010

Fifty Memories for Mom - Nos. 6-10

10. You have always found a graceful, healthy balance in supporting your kids without smothering them.

9. When you and Dad visited me in San Diego, your left cheek and eye were swollen to the size of a baseball after a bee sting! Truly an alarming sight. Of course, you handled it with your trademark good humor.

8. You accompanied me on several shopping trips as I packed for Taylor. I wonder how many of those 7,000 items on the packing list I actually used.

7. Your homemade popsicles formed in those little plastic trays.

6. As the years go on and we’re separated by distance, our time together only gets more precious. I will always cherish your and Dad’s visit to Florida last fall, and I learned so much about where you both came from. Doubling up on John G’s on that final day didn’t hurt, either.

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Barb said...

The only negative with all these posts is I'll be sad to see them end. It's a bit overwhelming, gratifying, and humbling to read the memories that have meant the most to you, David. And that you'd find the time to write it all out. Love you!

Yeah, our road trip last fall was the best!