Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fifty Memories for Mom - Nos. 36-40

40. You smoked us out of the house with a burned, charred-solid turkey. You were a little flustered when you picked me up from middle school that afternoon, and I could sense right away that something was a bit off. Most likely, I was tipped off by the plume of smoke trailing you from the minivan into the building.

39. Your countless hours in the kitchen. I could make another list of your top 50 kitchen creations, topped by your legendary homemade granola. (The turkey a la carbon wouldn’t make the cut.)

38. You let us sign up for two days per week to buy lunch at school. The other three days, we packed. To this day I still place a high value on a well-packed lunch and remember the little notes you would sneak into our bags.

37. Having snacks ready for us when we got home from school. At least until we were old enough to raid the fridge on our own. Oh, and the flip-n-sip water bottles you stashed in the fridge door. “Refill your water bottle!”

36. With you riding shotgun and ABBA blaring, I got pulled over by a trooper on a country road in Michigan for going way too fast. (I think you secretly enjoyed it.)

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Barb said...

40. Folks, there is literary exaggeration here. But I did indeed burn a pot of turkey bones intended for soup by leaving it on 'high' on the stove while I went to volunteer at school.
37 - 40: Food: the time spent planning, purchasing, putting away, preparing, serving and cleaning up definitely kept me out of trouble. Well, most of the time!
36. Ha!! Definitely a funny memory. I can't believe he didn't write you up!